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Patrick Doyle
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Patrick Doyle

You may know Patrick H.T. Doyle from Syfy’s hit show, “Ghost Mine,” as the host of "Behind the Screams" on the Reelz Channel, or his new wilderness survival series, “Man vs The Paranormal” on The Dark Zone Network, but his passion (other than investigating the paranormal at some of the most dangerous locations on the planet) is writing. Patrick is the author and illustrator of best-selling books for all ages.His critically acclaimed YA series, "EDGAR FONT" has been compared to “Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” and is being re-issued by Rothco Press ahead of a new fourth in the series. His other book titles include: "Ghosts From the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner," "The Ghost of Zombie," "Next Rest Stop: Earth," and "Lair of Forgotten Bears." When not working on the next adventure he spends his time lost in the wild, exploring ancient sites, traveling to places with names most can’t pronounce, and meeting interesting people with great tales to tell. You can keep track of Patrick’s activities and adventures at his official website:  Patrick Doyle / Paranormal Researcher
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