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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Paracon Speakers

Gary Stout

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A former computer systems architect, Gary W. Stout has returned to his love of literature and is the author of five novels including Arrested Innocence, a historical fictional account of an orphan coping with the reality of life at the Preston School of Industry in 1897. Stout lives on his ranch in the golden foothills of Northern California with his wife, four horses, and a menagerie of other critters and includes paranormal investigations as one of his passions.

Elizabeth Saint

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Elizabeth Saint is an American actress, model, electrical engineer, paranormal investigator and TV personality from Destination America’s Ghost's of ShepherdstownAfter graduating high school, she moved to N.Y.C to pursue a modeling career, eventually returning to college to earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis in Electrical Systems Technology. As an Engineer, Elizabeth was awarded many professional opportunities which led her to work for the Department of Defense.

This job moved her to a haunted D.C. apartment which inspired her to get involved in the paranormal field.  She eventually began working with Maryland Paranormal Research and began taking on cases as a technician and investigator. Prior to working with M.P.R., Elizabeth had a sensitivity and fascination with the supernatural dating back to activity she first experienced in her South Jersey, childhood home.

In 2015, after investigating Shepherdstown, WV, Elizabeth was inspired to create her own paranormal equipment under the name Ghostly Gadgets. Her first prototype, the E-Box, was featured on Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown in Ohio’s Franklin Castle. You can spot many of her new devices on season 2 of Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Ross Allison

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Paranormal Investigator, Author, Media Host, Lecturer, Teacher, and even Tour Guide.

The one of the Pacific Northwest’s only full-time Ghost Hunter

Ross is the Founder of A.G.H.O.S.T. (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma) and now runs AGHOST Investigations. With close to 30 years of investigating the paranormal and over 17 years running a ghost hunting group. Ross travels internationally to investigate paranormal activity, collect ghost stories, research cemeteries and teach others about the strange things going on all around us.

Ross has been lecturing for Power Performers since 2004 and has spoken to thousands of students at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on his ghost hunting adventures and teaches a class based on his book, Ghostology 101 – Becoming a Ghost Hunter at the University of Washington and Tacoma Community College. His lectures have also taken him to such faraway locations as London, Canada and Scotland.

Through his travels, he has had  opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the field, such as Jason & Grant of “Ghost Hunters” fame. He has also investigated some of the scariest and most haunted sites known to man:the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Prison, Amityville House, Alcatraz Prison, Roman Catacombs, the Ancient Rams Inn and even the original location of “The Exorcist Case” where he captured some of the scariest phenomena he has ever encountered.

Ross also has a few more books, including Spooked in Seattle(2011) Tacoma's Haunted HistoryMy Haunted Journal (2017) and Haunted Toys (2017). With more to come later this year.

He’s appeared on a number of radio programs, in magazines, books, news coverage and television shows, including The Learning Channel’s America’s Ghost Hunters, The Tonight Show, MTV, CMT, CNN, A&E, the Discovery Channel, ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth, Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters, Nightline and two episodes of Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America”.

You may also find Ross wandering the streets of Seattle where he hosts the Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours that takes guests to the various haunted spots throughout the Seattle area.

Patrick Doyle

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You may know Patrick H.T. Doyle from Syfy’s hit show, “Ghost Mine,” as the host of "Behind the Screams" on the Reelz Channel, or his new wilderness survival series, “Man vs The Paranormal” on The Dark Zone Network, but his passion (other than investigating the paranormal at some of the most dangerous locations on the planet) is writing. Patrick is the author and illustrator of best-selling books for all ages.His critically acclaimed YA series, "EDGAR FONT" has been compared to “Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” and is being re-issued by Rothco Press ahead of a new fourth in the series. His other book titles include: "Ghosts From the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner," "The Ghost of Zombie," "Next Rest Stop: Earth," and "Lair of Forgotten Bears." When not working on the next adventure he spends his time lost in the wild, exploring ancient sites, traveling to places with names most can’t pronounce, and meeting interesting people with great tales to tell. You can keep track of Patrick’s activities and adventures at his official website:  Patrick Doyle / Paranormal Researcher

Harvey Althaus

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Harvey has been chasing the paranormal for most of his life, or rather, it has been chasing him! At a very young age, maybe 3, he was aware of things no one else in his family could understand and most of the time they gave him the "LOOK" and was told to, "Knock it off" Well you can probably guess that didn't help. So here he is today!

Matt Goldman

A.P.R.A. (Lead Investigator)

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Matt Goldman has always had an appreciation for the extraordinary and after a decade investigating with APRA he’s no stranger to the dark unnerving and often misunderstood aspects of the paranormal. His investigative interests have taken him on both an inner and outer journey through meditation and the study of different belief systems. Using the Scientific Method is key to delivering solid evidence and is the foundation upon which A.P.R.A. completes its work. This is the critical “why” Matthew believes A.P.R.A. to be on the forefront of investigative research. With APRA he has also specialized in investigating historical properties and conducting fundraising events in which the public can learn the various techniques that make the team such a respected name in the field. “Being able to walk around in the dark with the various strengths my team members bring to the table is an absolute joy, i wouldn’t trade this adventure for the world.”

Brandon Alvis

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President/Founder A.P.R.A. Brandon has built a highly respected team that uses a scientific approach to paranormal investigations. His determination to find "cold hard facts, to prove or disprove" makes A.P.R.A. what it is today.

David Deerfeeder

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Rev. Fr. David Deerfeeder is an ordained Old Catholic priest, pastor, multi-sensate medium, paranormal investigator, story-teller, author, and award-winning singer-songwriter, among other things. He employs a number of modalities including psychometry, and believes both the living and the dead should always be treated with compassion and respect.He is a speaker and investigation leader who is always willing to share his methodology and encourage others to develop their own deep-sensory gifts.

Nicole Strickland

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Nicole Strickland currently resides in San Diego, California, and has been innately intrigued with the paranormal since childhood, having thus studied the field for many years. She has been actively investigating historical landmarks and private residences for paranormal activity since the early 2000s, after a profound experience with the spirit of her beloved grandmother. She is the Founder and Director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS) and serves as the team’s EVP specialist and historical locations case manager. Nicole has worked with various Southern California paranormal research teams prior to developing SDPRS in 2009. She is also a core member of the Ghost Research Society, based in Chicago, Illinois and was appointed to the GRS Southern California Area Research Director position in 2009. She was recently promoted to the GRS California Coordinator in 2015. Nicole also serves as a consultant to World Paranormal Investigations as well as a California Representative for the American Spectral Society.

Jeadene Solberg

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Founder & Leader of Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters. 

Jeadene, Momma J, founded her group in 2005 and has successfully maintained one of the longest and largest running groups in the Northern NV area.

She believes in preserving history one spirit at a time.

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