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Paracon Speakers

Laura Johnson
Ryan Mick
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Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson is a Paranormal Docent on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. She helps to lead the History Mystery Tours and the Paranormal Overnight Tours. She is also a volunteer docent at the Pardee Home in Oakland. Laura is the founder and lead investigator of Bay Area Paranormal Society and a member of NorCal Paranormal Project. When she isn't touring the Hornet she is investigating almost every weekend at historic locations all across California.

Laura grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and had many unexplained experiences growing up. As a very young child, probably from about the age of 4, she had a strange obsession with death. Her mother could never understand some of the strange things she talked about and worried about her constant comments about people dying. As a young adult she had an interest in all things paranormal, from Ghosts and UFO's to Big Foot and well anything and everything unexplained. In 2004 Laura became addicted to the SyFy show Ghost Hunters and from that fascination participated in a TAPS Academy. That was the start. Then in 2007, sitting at her aunt's death bed in South Dakota on tribal land, she witnessed a group of spirit children gathered around the bed holding hands. She saw them as solid figures and even made eye contact with what seemed to be the lead child of the group. When she told the tribal elders downstairs of what she saw they were all in shock and exclaimed, "The Wenahee" (probably not spelled right). They told her she had seen the spirits that had come to take her aunts soul. The tribal elders had never known anyone who had seen them. From that day on Laura was known amongst the tribe as a "Shadow Walker". A window or doorway between the living and the dead.

Laura has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years and has participated in hundreds of investigations. Helping private residents with paranormal issues in their homes and traveling California, Nevada and even as far as Alaska to investigate historic sites looking for validation that there is more than this physical life that we are living. "The spirit world, spirit communication and the search for proof that they exist are my passion. I plan to continue until I end up on the other side and can make my way back to prove it to those who have the same passion."

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