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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Paracon Speakers

Jeadene Solberg
Ryan Mick
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Jeadene Solberg

Jeadene Solberg “Mama J” is the Founder and Executive Director of Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters, which is one of the largest and longest running groups in Nevada. She has maintained a respected and hard-working group, which provides Fundraisers for Foundations that preserve Historical sites and culture.  Her group also has a Home and business investigation division.  She also works with people to teach them about energy and can provide spiritual and crystal healing. She knows there is no single approach that is right to handle cases and is willing to go out of her way to build lasting and strong relationships with her clients and Foundations. She continues her growth and training constantly to bring new approaches that fit her groups, clients, and Foundation’s needs. Her group is based in Northern Nevada; however, there are chapters in Northern CA, Southern Nevada and Battle Mountain, NV.  She works with the Gold Hill Hotel on bimonthly Historical and Paranormal tours. Her mission is to continue research, education, and preservation of historical sites and to learn more about the paranormal and to spread love, light, and positive energy to everyone she meets.

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