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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Paracon Speakers

Harvey Althaus
Ryan Mick
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Harvey Althaus

Harvey has been involved with the paranormal, both directly and indirectly, for all of his life. He started investigating when he was 16ish with an old Kodak 110 camera and a Cassio tape recorder. Harvey says "Obviously, I had no idea then what I was doing, but was able to capture some truly amazing and eerie evidence". Being a sensitive and intuitive have come in rather handy while pursuing spirits. Individuals and groups from around the world request his assistance in helping them with his ability of Remote Viewing to understand what they are dealing with.

TV Appearances:

  • My Ghost Story Caught on Camera BIO Channel season 4 episode 34 2012 titled Spirited Phone Call
  • A Haunting TLC season 9 episode 12, 2017 titled Ghostly Voices
  • New Netflix Original Series for 2018 The Things I Saw season 1, episode order yet to be determined.

Radio Shows:

  • Paranormal M.D.  hosted by Mary Marshall
  • KAOTIC Radio hosted by the Darklands Paranormal Team Scott Ault and Marco Santucci
  • The Ghost Host hosted by Sophia Temperellie
  • R.I.P Radio
  • Evolve Grow Renew hosted by Sterling Day
  • Paranormal Spot Light hosted by Niki and Rob
  • (several other radio and podcasts)
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